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Laser Therapy for Treating Tennis Elbow | Synergy Naples

An increasingly common modality is Laser Therapy is for treating tennis elbow. Laser therapy uses a medical grade laser with specific wavelengths of light to interact with injured or damaged tissues under the skin without heating or harming the skin or surrounding tissues.

Healing Tennis Elbow with Laser Therapy | Evolution Wellness ...

So that condition, when it’s inflamed around that elbow, we really like to start with a laser treatment. So laser’s going to help again in those specific ways of reducing inflammation, speeding the healing around those cells, and reducing pain. So we want to get people back on the tennis court because it’s important that we are active and healthy and get our joints and body moving.

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Effectiveness of Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) in the ...

A systematic review with procedural assessments and meta-analysis of low level laser therapy in lateral elbow tendinopathy (tennis elbow). Bjordal JM, Lopes-Martins RA, Joensen J, Couppe C, Ljunggren AE, Stergioulas A, Johnson MI.

How Low-Level Laser Therapy Can Help with Tennis Elbow ...

One of the methods we use to treat tennis elbow at our clinic is low-level laser therapy. This is also called cold laser therapy as the low light levels do not heat the tissue. How Does the Therapy Work? During the treatment procedure, we use a 635 nm wavelength of the low-level laser light at varying frequencies which your body tissue absorbs.

Tennis Elbow - B-cure

B-Cure Laser is an effective treatment for tennis elbow and golf elbow. The device helps treat inflammation, reduces pain, and enhances the healing process. B-Cure Laser provides breakthrough laser therapy, offering the power of some professional lasers as used in clinics, in a lightweight portable device that may be used from the comfort of home.

Laser Therapy for Sports Injuries and Tennis Elbow with Class ...

1. It has unique advantages for treating tennis elbow and other kinds of sports injuries, very effective. 2. Laser therapy causes vasodilation and activates lymphatic drainage system, fighting inflammation and eliminating pain. 3. Laser therapy treatment accelerates tissue repair and cell growth, speeding up the recovery of sports injuries. 4.