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14 Soccer Shooting Drills to Finish Past Any Goalkeeper

The following soccer shooting drills will allow your players to practice all aspects of finishing around the goal. From controlling and scoring off a cross, finishing using one-touch, shooting off the dribble, using a teammate advancing up the field, and much more. Let's get started...

Soccer Drills for Shooting and Finishing

Soccer drills for shooting and finishing needs to be done in game like pace and encouraging players to look for an opening to shoot on goal whenever in a position close to goal (penalty box area). This is a fun soccer drill and can be adapted to many training variations for practicing different skills in the game.

6 Soccer Finishing Drills for Exceptional Goal Scoring

Place one cone 3-4 yards away from the end of each agility ladder. Have the players divide evenly behind the starting cones. Each player in line should start with a ball at their feet except for the first player in one of the two lines. Decide on the number of rounds and the time limit for each round.

Never Miss Again With These 11 Shooting drills in soccer

9. Soccer shooting and finishing drill under pressure. Set up: 1 big goal 2 smaller goals; 3 soccer balls; 15×20 yard area; 1 Goal keeper; Instructions: There will be a defending team and an attacking team. The attacking team will always have 2 players ready to feed the ball from the corner to the attacker who will be standing on the halfway line.

Soccer Crossing and Finishing Drills

Soccer Crossing and Finishing drills put players in game-like situations that focus on the final third of the attack. These drills are not just shooting drills, as shooting drills are the skill of an individual. These soccer finishing drills are game situations that put the attacking players in excellent opportunities to score a goal.

Combination Shooting & Finishing Drill - SoccerXpert

This shooting and finishing soccer drill focuses on the timing combination play, playing with your back to goal, and quick turn and shot on goal. Using half of the soccer field, place a keeper in the goal. About 18 yards from goal, set two cones about 5 yards apart that are placed perpendicular to ...

Soccer training drills for forwards • Finishing, Shooting ...

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4 Soccer Shooting Drills for Youth Players - Soccer-Coaches

This is the first part of our new series “Coaching Finishing in Soccer”. We hope you will get something out of it for your next training session! Shooting Drill 1 – Shot on Goal with a Stationary Ball Shooting Drill 2 – Shot on Goal after Dribbling Shooting Drill 3 – Shot on Goal after Diagonal Dribbling