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The Tennis Court Oath - French Revolution

In 1790, the artist Jacques-Louis David began preparations for a grand painting to visualise and honour the swearing of the Tennis Court Oath. While the events of the revolution prevented David from completing the painting, his preliminary engraving (above) survives and provides the best-known representation of the events of June 20th. David was not at Versailles himself and so was not witness to the Tennis Court Oath.

The Tennis Court Oath (David) - Wikipedia

The Tennis Court Oath is an incomplete painting by Jacques-Louis David, painted between 1790 and 1794 and showing the titular Tennis Court Oath at Versailles, one of the foundational events of the French Revolution. Political reversals and financial difficulties meant that David was never able to finish the canvas, which measures 400 by 660 cm and is now in the Musée national du Château de Versailles.

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Who finished the Tennis Court Oath painting? The Tennis Court Oath, brown and black ink drawing by Jacques-Louis David, 1791; in the Louvre, Paris. The deputies of the Third Estate, realizing that in any attempt at reform they would be outvoted by the two privileged orders, the clergy and the nobility, had formed, on June 17, a National Assembly.

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The Tennis Court Oath is a large work in pen and ink on paper. The painting for which it was drawn was never completed by David, partially for financial reasons, partially because of politics.

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In defiance they met at a nearby tennis court and swore an oath that they would not disband until a new constitution of France was settled. The oath was a pivotal moment in the revolution, inspiring numerous acts in the chaotic months that followed. Painting Info. Artist: Jacques-Louis David Location painted: Palace of Versailles, Versailles, France

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Tennis court oath is also used by the painters as theme. There is a famous painting which shows people who gathered on a tennis court; they were sworn with great enthusiasm. This event is the first that French Society expressed that they do not agree with the king rules!

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An incomplete painting, the Tennis Court Oath, was painted by Jacques-Louis David( 1790-1794). It shows the titular Tennis Court of Versailles. David was unable to finish this piece of art due to various political and financial difficulties. The incomplete painting is kept at the Musee National du Chateau, Versailles.

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Drawing by Jacques-Louis David of the Tennis Court Oath. David later became a deputy in the National Convention in 1793.

What was the Tennis Court Oath in France?

On 20 June 1789, the members of the French Third Estate took the Tennis Court Oath (French: Serment du Jeu de Paume), vowing "not to separate and to reassemble wherever circumstances require, until the constitution of the kingdom is established". It was a pivotal event in the French Revolution.