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Characteristics of rigid polyurethane foam products
Time:2021/9/13 15:19:28    

1. If the foaming method is different, it can be divided into manual and mechanical. The molding methods are pouring and spraying. The foaming pressure is different and there are high and low pressure foaming.

2. Polyurethane rigid foam product is a kind of closed-cell foam plastic with low density but good tensile strength, good insulation performance, good noise and sound insulation effect, and can carry a large load (if the load is too large, the deformation is irreversible). Its consumption is not as much as that of soft foam, but it is much higher than other polyurethane products.

3. The cells of the closed-cell foam are all closed with thin walls, while the cells of the open-cell foam are connected.

4. In the process of cell formation, due to the unbalanced force, the cell structure shape will be irregular. If the force is extremely uneven, the deformation will be more obvious. Ideally, the force will be uniform and the cell structure shape will be It will be a regular geometric polyhedron.

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